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Some geeks. Some dreamers. Some madness.

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4 people

Quite simply, we use tech to transform businesses.


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16 countries

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24.7 years

A passionate, young and close-knit team, everyone pulls together to make every project a success.

Social Media

Social Media

We’re from the generation who all came online at once — we speak the same language as our audience, and we know what they want. We spend time understanding our clients’ customers and then use the unique power of social media to speak to them in an innovative and engaging way. We don’t just follow a playbook and, like the rest of nexlabs, we’re not afraid of trying new things.

Thiri Yadanar Digital Account Manager

Thiri Yardana


Social Media

We work to allow all of the stars of nexlabs to do their thing. We build capacity, train teams, ensure quality and try to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and company culture. Nexlabs isn’t like most other companies, and we like it that way.

Khin Thi Thi HR Manager

Daw Khin Thi Thi


Social Media

For every new client, we first have a discovery phase where we get to know them, their ideas, their market, their goals — we soak up as much information as we can. We check our assumptions and theirs, and we find ways to make sure an idea sounds good to the end users. We get everybody on the same page about what the essential problem is, how we’ll solve it and how long it’ll take. It makes for happy, lasting partnerships.

Myat Noe - Business Development

Myat Noe Khin



Our creatives have been building brands for the past five years; designing logos, websites, restaurant menus, maps, and much much more. We love that we are given the freedom to explore new ideas with clients and it’s our aim to continue making a contribution towards improving the design landscape in Myanmar.

Ko Zarni, Designer



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Honestly, we’re geeks. We love figuring out how to deliver cool stuff for clients; whether that’s through applying the latest agile project management techniques, coding for web, Android or iOS, in html5, Angular, or Swift and modern web frameworks, using Mysql and PostgreSQL, Ruby or PHP, we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver great products across multiple platforms. We code, we deliver products and we drink lots of coffee.

Swe Swe Marsoe Backend Developer

Myat Noe Khin

UX & Product Design

Social Media

Anything that ships from nexlabs has to be focused on the product’s users. It’s our job to make sure that all of the great work produced by our creatives and developers has these users at the centre of every decision we make. We set the foundation to let the stars from our other teams do work our customers love and makes their businesses better.

Ko Chan UI/UX Designer

Myat Noe Khin

Some of our clients

Ye Myat Min

What we've built.

Ye Myat Min

Over the past 5 years, we’ve built a diverse team with both local and international experience, combining self-taught coding prodigies with seasoned professionals who’ve trained and worked in Myanmar and abroad. Together we’ve created innovative websites and world-class mobile apps, digitized traditional businesses, crafted client identities, and became leaders in creating effective integrated marketing campaigns.

Our VC-backers in Europe and Singapore believe in our vision and capability to expand, train and mentor our next-generation rockstars and create genuine value in Myanmar and beyond.

If you want to take on the future, get in touch.

Ye Myat Min, CEO

Got a big idea? Let us do the heavy lifting.

Know what you want but not how to get there?
Use the brains from across all of our departments to find your way.

Whatever you’re after — let us have a think about it for you.