The Transformation: NEX to nexlabs

We are excited to formally announce the cool changes that were recently made to our brand, starting with our value proposition and also covering the change in name from “NEX” to “nexlabs”.

Searching for the right words and elements to best describe what we do, we arrived at a slogan that came from the heart of nexlabs:

Ideas into code into transformation

We combine creativity, innovation and business insights to build disruptive digital products for businesses ready to take on the future.



This accurately describes how we use creativity and innovation to turn ideas into transformative digital products.

As for the name, we proudly retained our original “NEX” brand which has brought us this far but we wanted to display how experimental and innovative our people are so fused “labs” to the name, giving rise to “nexlabs”.

In addition, we are also super proud to reveal our new identity! After going through a series of designs and sketches, we arrived at the final conclusion. You will notice that our new logo is backed by a forward slash which represents the mentality of our company – progressive and always optimizing for better and higher quality results.


from nex to nexlabs-01.jpg

The process of designing the new logo, of course, comes from our very own creative team led by our Creative Manager, Ryan Pyae (Left), along with our Senior Graphic Designer, Zarni (Right). They put in their utmost efforts into making this happen and produced a tremendous result with the new logo. While the design perspective is achieved by the creative team, the entire value proposition and the vision was set by everyone here at nexlabs.