How Facebook Messenger Bots can add value to your business

Often times when you send a message to a Brand Page on Facebook, you'd have to wait an hour to days in order to get a response. No matter how much brands have invested in the front-line customer service department, a delay can always be expected as the other end have always been a person who's always struggling with a huge amount of cases to solve and queries to answer.

Would it not be great if you could have a streamlined experience where your Brand Facebook Page could become more efficient at answering customer queries? Would it not be a fantastic experience for your customer if they did not have to wait hours to get an answer for a simple issue that they are facing? To put icing on the cake, would it not be extremely beneficial to your business if your Brand Facebook Page could become the backbone of your company; salesforce?

Turns out you could achieve that grand vision of turning your Brand Facebook Page into something that offers not only an amazing customer experience but also leads for your expensive sales guys, today!

Recently, Facebook has introduced a new kind of interaction – named – Bots! There’s no other way to explain this better than showing you examples.



So, what does this mean for your business?

Here are some ideas that you could apply the usage of Bots to help grow your business.

1.      Customer Service Bot

If you are a consumer-facing Brand, the most effective marketing that you can do is customer support. Consumers expect your Brand to have good customer support. Until now, customer support has been an extremely labor-intensive task and yet, most of the support cases and inquiries are similar and thus, can be automated. Imagine a Facebook Messenger Bot which asks your customer automatically about issues and presents them with solutions automatically and efficiently without having any delays. Moreover, such Customer Service Bot could also regularly check-in with a customer and see if one has been facing any challenges lately without interrupting the customer.

2.      Sales Bot

Imagine a sales funnel where discovery and briefing could be automated by a Bot. This would mean that you’d have unlimited amount of sales agents to push sales and interact with customers.

 3.      News Bot

Finally, you could have 2-way conversation with your readers while informing them about latest news. Your readers love to personalize. They are sports fans and they do not want to see business news! Bots can exactly offer that type of personalized content to your readers and thus increase not only readership but also Brand Loyalty.

4.      Booking Bot

What if a customer could check availability and pricing regarding your restaurant or hotel right from their messenger? To make things even more interesting, what if they could actually book a room directly from Messenger? Possibilities are endless.

Bots are real. They’re fun and much more interactive than any other marketing/engagement medium that we have ever seen. And the best part is that they’re here today. And they’re going to be leading a whole new digital experience transformation. Now the question is – how do you want bots to help grow your business?