Working Lives Yangon: Internet entrepreneur

As featured on BBC.

At 24 years old internet entrepreneur, Ye Myat Min is, on paper at least, one of Myanmar's newly minted millionaires.

Two and a half years ago, Ye Myat divided his time between his studies in Singapore and trying to get the business off the ground.

The combination did not work. His grades plummeted and much to his parents annoyance he dropped his studies and returned to work fulltime in Yangon.

But the timing was good. Myanmar was on the cusp of a connectivity revolution. State of the art mobile networks were about to be built across the country and smart phone sales were rocketing.

His breakthrough has been Hush, a chat app that allows people to remain anonymous.

Myanmar's past as a closed off country means that many people are "very conservative, shy and closed about their opinions," he explains.

The platform allows people to speak more openly about their opinions.

His internet and app design company Nex was recently valued at $2.5m (£1.65m), currently has 30 employees and is expecting to add another 10 in the coming months.