What is Yangon Redesigned?

Many of you have asked why we do what we do. Therefore, we wanted to take a chance at visually explaining ourselves.

This poster should explain all the things that you guys have been wondering about Yangon Redesigned. One thing that we can assure is the fact that we do not mean any harm or offense to any of the brands that we worked on. All we have ever wanted to do was to increase awareness for design in Yangon.

Sure, we did receive a lot of negativity. But, we have also received a lot of positive feedback that pushes us even further. To quote Larry Page of Google, “Negativity is not the way to make progress”. And therefore, we strongly feel that we shall not be intimidated by the sheer amount of negativity if we really wanted to push design awareness forward in Yangon.

We are always open to criticism because it helps us. We hope that we would be able to achieve our vision and create a positive design community with constructive feedback.