Welcome to Nex

Hello to you all from the team Nex. My name is Tin Aung Lin and I am a member of the team . Basically this post is about to say " Thanks You! " and " Good Luck! " to all of you out there following your dreams and making stuff for people.

Who we are ?

Nex Co., Ltd is a digital consulting agency that primarily based in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) with a focus on mobile development. Team NEX consists of 12 experienced engineers, mobile developers and designers who are passionate about developing practical, yet captivating user experiences for both mobile and web applications. Our team members are always pushing through boundaries and striving for excellence. Due to our passion and dedication, we have never failed to deliver satisfaction to our clients.
— http://nexlabs.co/about-us/


We were digitally infants back then. Our story begins with a young Burmese entrepreneur who has been looking forward to the evolutions and changes of digital age.

He started this journey on the April of 2013 and I joined his team on a breeze Monday. He was so passionate to build things that people will love as much as he does. Then he started building a team of his dream with the help of an angel ( an investor who provides seed funding for young start-ups like us ).


Then he became us, and so we share an identical dream of him "To build products that people love as much as we do" . During our starting year 2013 , we together have done such accomplishments that we are proud of.  Besides, we make ourselves more valued by keeping our culture inside our hearts.


At Nex, culture is very important. We have strong understanding between each other without any policy.

Here's our favorite saying -

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


We believe that focusing only on core business is a pitfall for innovation. Thus, we encourage our members to spend some of their working time on non-work related projects. By playing around with such projects, our members can develop and improve their skill set.


There is only one rule in our heart. We build products that we, ourselves, love. Our products are our babies. We take care of them and nurture them.

We make sure that the products are loved by ourselves before we ship out to the market. We made apps like Kabyar just because we like poems so much and we wanted to read on our mobile.

The Team

Starting from the CEO to the interns, we are NEX. Each of us has own difficulties and efficiency but we always produce results. We always overcome things we have never thought we would. If you are having a team, value it and and grow it .

You don't need to have a rock-star team. What you have is fine. You don't need to teach them, encourage them and let them grow themselves.

You need to be a person who is always there for them. They can reach out to you and discuss what they have gotten for the team. That is just awesome!

We are Nex. And here's a kudos to the ones who have helped us grow. It's been a fantastic journey.