iOS Ninja

Due to his iOS skills, Arkar Min Aung is known as the iOS Ninja among his team members. He began his works in iOS development when he first joined Nex. As soon as he started his iOS development journey, he immediately fall in love with Objective-C. Before joining Nex, Arkar developed and delivered Andriod apps and experimented several cryptography related projects using C++, Java and VB.


After his university education, Arkar was awarded with Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. He is always curious and has an unceasing hunger to learn new things. He also has a great passion in Astrophysics and Pure Mathematics. One of his hobbies is to hack Arduinos and Raspberry Pis and make weird mini projects. Lastly, Arkar is an automobile maniac and racing on Nürburgring track is one of his greatest dreams.