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Nex Co., Ltd is a digital consulting agency that primarily based in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) with a focus on mobile development. Team NEX consists of 11 experienced engineers, mobile developers and designers who are passionate about developing practical, yet captivating user experiences for both mobile and web applications. Our team members are always pushing through boundaries and striving for excellence. Due to our passion and dedication, we have never failed to deliver satisfaction to our clients.

NEX's expertise lies in interactive user experience design and mobile application development. We also specialize in formulating and implementing marketing strategies, which can help our clients' businesses to achieve first-rate results. Our firm have worked with several enterprises and successfully completed more than 30 web and mobile development projects in Myanmar as well as Singapore.

During recent years, mobile application development has become the fastest growing sector among media industries. By using mobile applications, companies all over the world are reaching to their customers with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Our company can help you with designing and developing outstanding mobile applications, which are most compatible to your business operations. Like other companies, you can communicate with your customers in real-time by utilizing our mobile applications.


We believe that innovation is the key to success in this era of globalisation and information technology. Nowadays, different aspects of our daily lives are changing very rapidly with an exponential rate. Because of those rapid transformations, solutions for today's problems might not be suitable and correct for tomorrow's challenges. Therefore, every individual and every business must be adaptable to those changes and find new solutions with continuous innovation.

At NEX, we value innovation. We do not want our employees to focus only on core business activities. Instead, we encourage them to spend part of their working hours on non-work related projects. By promoting commitment on such projects, our employees can develop and improve innovative skills. At NEX, our employees usually allocate their working hours into following ratio:

  • 60% of our working time is dedicated to core business tasks.
  • 20% of our working time is dedicated to projects related to the core business.
  • 10% of our working time is dedicated to projects unrelated to the core business.
  • 10 % of our working time is dedicated to contributions to our communities and corporate social responsibility programs.

With this approach, we confidently hope it not only would bring innovation to our office but also would contribute to innovative web and mobile development industry in Myanmar.


To make information and mobile technologies user-friendly and accessible to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.